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$4000 distillate SHI... 6 days ago

Bubba Glue auto flower seeds

Bubba Glue Autolfower seeds 2$ a piece by the 1000. (541) 613-4347

$2 redding 16 days ago

James Wilson is a Scammer and a RIPPER to the MAXX

James Wilson scammed me out of several thousand dollars after he told my friend he would meet him in person in LA and didn’t. Excuses […]

$ 47 days ago

Trade equipment

Lights, venting, fans, even a worn out old grow tent 4×8 used for clones outside, all of it worked but not growing any longer looking […]

$1000 Shasta county 68 days ago

Seeking Grower Or wholesale vendor

Hello BT! I’m currently looking for a grower in the NorCal area to do business with. I’m not seeking only exotics or indoors. I can […]

$1000 69 days ago

Alcatel dual vein vacuum pump

Works great just don’t have the time anymore

$850.00 Redding 69 days ago

Healthy Starter Clones

Fresh Healthy Clones! Nutrient enriched clones in Kings Mix Soil ready to go and grow Email or Text today for more details, strains and QTY […]

$12 Redding 69 days ago

Purple Punch thats been Keifed

Only getting rid of whole units. Keifed Purple punch $1400 donation a unit. $1250 box price

$1400 69 days ago

Zookies, Biscotti, Royal Gold

Face to face only. $1300 a lb Price drops only if your getting 20 or more.

$1300 69 days ago

A man of honor that brings the money

Hellloooooooo world I would like to introduce myself as your clean up man if you not moving enough flowers and in the need of a […]

$10000 Dallas 77 days ago