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    In an effort to quell discontent over rising meals costs, Egypt provided government and public sector employees a pay rise of up to 30%, and urged the non-public sector to keep up with the pay rise. The supply came on the May day speech delivered by President Mubarak to the Egyptian General Federation of Trade Unions. In common, the typical weekly wage in the non-public sector is, in lots of situations, higher than that of the general public sector. In some other cases, e.g. whole sale and retail trades, the weekly wage is lower by half of that within the public sector.
    What is the richest part of Egypt?If u mean the most expensive city then it's sharm elsheikh. If u mean the city of rich people then the 5th settlement in cairo is the answer or any city containing compounds in it gather wealthy people.
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    The Egyptian tourism trade is likely one of the most necessary sectors within the financial system, when it comes to high employment and incoming international forex. It has many constituents of tourism, mainly historical attractions especially in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan, but in addition beach and different sea actions. The government actively promotes overseas tourism since it's a major source of currency and funding. The political instability since January 2011 brought on a discount in tourism, however the next yr it was rising.
    Do I need injections for Hurghada Egypt?There are no vaccinations needed to visit Egypt unless you are arriving from an infected area. Health care provision and standards of hygiene is particularly lacking in remote rural areas, especially in the Western Desert oases and in the wilderness of southern Egypt.
    Among the legislators' goals have been tackling the Black Market, reducing paperwork and pushing through trade liberalization measures. Amendments to Investment and Company regulation have been launched to attract international traders. For example, the number of days required for establishing an organization was dramatically lowered. Major fiscal reforms were launched in 2005 to sort out the informal sector which according to estimates represents someplace between 30% to 60% of GDP.
    The extra dives were straightforward to rearrange and properly supervised.I did 2 days full diving after qualifying, together with an evening day on the ultimate day.
    Additionally, there isn't a Bankruptcy law in Egypt and entrepreneurs that fail to pay debts can face jail sentences. According to an Associated Press report, nearly half of all Egyptians live under or just above the poverty line. More than 15 million Egyptians reside on less than $1 a day, and the figure is steadily increasing.
    The Minister of Economic Development, Othman Mohamed Othman, once mentioned that the poverty price in Egypt had risen from 19 percent of the population in 2005 to 21 % in 2009. In 2010/2011, the poverty price in Egypt had risen to 25% of the inhabitants.
    Unemployment fee elevated from 10.3% in FY2004 to eleven.2% in 2005. The average price of progress of employment within the publicly owned enterprises sector was −2% per year between FY1998 and FY2005 on account of aggressive privatization program. On the opposite hand, non-public sector employment grew at an average price of 3% over that interval. In addition, the federal government sector employment grew by virtually double the speed of the non-public sector over the same interval.
    These impediments have a chilling effect on overseas investment in Egypt which implies that local companies cannot be competitive within the worldwide economy due to the excessive prices of elevating capital. In addition, the amount of paperwork required for construction, imports, and exports is burdensome and the time for the government to process this paperwork is prolonged. Traders have to submit 8 paperwork to export and 10 to import—as opposed to France, for instance, the place only 2 paperwork are wanted both for imports and exports. The high price of doing enterprise results in fewer companies operating within Egypt which causes unemployment. Egypt's unemployment price reached eleven.eight % in the second quarter of 2011, down from eleven.9 percent within the first quarter (though larger than last 12 months's eight.ninety six p.c).
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    Significant tax cuts for companies have been introduced for the first time in Egyptian historical past. The new Income tax Law No 91 for 2005 reduced the tax rate from forty% to 20%. According to government figures, tax filing by people and firms elevated by one hundred%.


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