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Phone or Text: 213 536 9639

before we get started:
-we offer a few lab tested strains, we are not prop 64 so as far as we know we are not required to test every single unit. this could all change however.

full unit tops:
(organic) 1600 blue berry haze,mixed lighting indoor, lab tested by sc labs, free of pests, free of mold, free of mildew, ~23% total content makes this LOUD blue berry smelling, bright green rock hard nug unit a steal. this is one of those strains that makes your mouth water when you open the bag!

(organic) 1700 GSC,mixed lighting indoor, same grower as the BBH, lab tested and free of all contaminates. ~ 21% content, opening this unit blasts you in the face with a dough like, creamy piney smell, gsc has a nose of its own that seduces you like no other.

(organic) 1600 Black D.O.G x Blue dream,mixed lighting indoor, also grown by the BBH/GSC grower, not tested, this flavorful and beautifully structured bud has splatters of color, smells and smokes like a grape indica hybrid, the black dog linage has been a very sought after strain and we feel blessed to carry it.

1600 mendo breath, depo style greenhouse, not tested, mendo counties version of lambs breath. this was bob marleys goto strain. very specific smell, almost like muffins hahah.

mid grade and lows:

900 mendo purple, not tested, perfect budget weed, indica dom, green nug with a purple flavor that will get you coming back for more.

900 skywalker, not tested, nicely structured nugs, grown in southern cali, has a slight nice smell, def a decent buy at a rack a pack

we also have random QPs and halfs laying around if you’re not quite ready to get a full unit. we also break down units so feel free to let us know how much you’re working with.

to get started:
send your rec and id to 213 536 9639, tell us what you are looking for. we will get back to you as soon as we verify your credentials and that we have what you’re looking for.

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