MMJ Kingdom: Heavenly Dream


MMJ Kingdom: Heavenly Dream, is a novel about a day in the life of Andrew Byrne. Andrew Byrne, a medical marijuana care provider and construction business owner, awakes one day to do his normal routine. He is a handsome entrepreneur in his mid-thirties that enjoys all facets of the proliferating medical marijuana industry and the booming economy. While managing his burgeoning construction company he attends to his medical patients simultaneously dealing with the business aspect of the industry. By the end of the day, his worst nightmare becomes a reality. It is a few years after the medical marijuana industry in Colorado has taken off. He is a well-known, successful player in the Northern Colorado MMJ industry owning and supplying several dispensaries. Following Andrew through his typical day, colorful characters are encountered who are his medical marijuana patients; an old retired Vietnam veteran that has been growing pot for years, a young neophyte grower caring for his grandmother that needs lots of help and a stunning, horny young stripper that covets Andrew. Meanwhile, a group of thugs has set out to kidnap his gorgeous girlfriend, Leah, from his luxurious home. They have information about a cache of wealth stored in Andrew’s mountain cabin, demanding everything in his private safe if he wants his girlfriend returned unharmed. During their journey up to the cabin with Leah, they are pursued by a government agent, have unwanted contact with police officers, and commit murder. Up at the lavish mountain cabin, Leah’s best friend is attending to Andrew’s elaborate grow operation. As a botanist major, she is not only overseeing the indoor gardens but developing a special strain. She is assisted by two assistants loyal to Andrew that are adept in the marijuana care-taking process, one of whom she seduces. When Andrew learns what has happened he reacts swiftly, enlisting his latest young apprentice to help him save his love and be there just in case anything goes awry. In a gripping adventure up the mountain wrought with obstacles, a thrilling plot unfolds where the real villains are revealed, relationships are redefined and lives are changed forever.

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