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BudTrader TV | How to make cannabis THC infused butter

BudTrader TV | How to make cannabis THC infused butter | The Cannabis Kitchen This youtube video contains a step by step, how to […]

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Become a Verified User on

Have you ever considered becoming a verified user on BudTrader? It only takes a few minutes and 92% of users prefer to work with verified […]

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GRAND OPENING CBD / HEMP Warehouse in Fresno

Grand Opening of the CBD and Hemp Warehouse Free Tacos – Free Gifts – Live Music May 30th 10am to 3pm 2329 E Ashlan Ave […]

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I decided to share some of the best edibles tips

The average pot enthusiast is more likely to dump an ounce of shake into some brownie batter, rather than whip up so~~~~ing actually digestible and […]

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James Wilson is a Scammer and a RIPPER to the MAXX

James Wilson scammed me out of several thousand dollars after he told my friend he would meet him in person in LA and didn’t. Excuses […]

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Never Break Another Vape Cartridge

Never Break Another Vape Cartridge! #Stonerhacks

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Don’t Worry, it’s Just a Weed Cough

This has been your daily dose of weed humor.

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Rippit! Rippit!

This has been your daily dose of weed humor.

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Last Dispensary Trip in Cali

Well Cali, it’s been great! My vacation is almost over but I wanted to go to the dispensary one last time for some pre-rolls and […]

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Looking to link with just a few Sane reasonable biz minded individuals looking for a loyal and trustworthy connect to place orders of real gas […]

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This strain had me stuck!

My connect came by (yes, I still have a weed dealer. I’m not paying 60% taxes or dispensary prices) and dropped this Bruce Banner on […]

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