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Have you ever considered becoming a verified user on BudTrader? It only takes a few minutes and 92% of users prefer to work with verified […]

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Legal weed won big in the election

San Francisco (CNN Business)Plenty of uncertainty remains with the 2020 election, but one thing is clear: Recreational cannabis had a big night at the ballot […]

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2020 Legal Weed USA MAP

2020 Legal Weed USA MAP

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Bernie Sanders Calls For Marijuana Legalization In Senate Floor Speech

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said on Wednesday that Congress should federally legalize marijuana as another step toward enacting policing reform and addressing racial injustices. During […]

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Federal Weed Legalization Could Repair an Economy Wrecked by COVID-19, CEOs...

BY RANDY ROBINSON | NEWS | APR 21, 2020 Three American cannabis CEOs and a pot investor think that weed could save the economy, which […]

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California cannabis is ‘on the brink of collapsing’

BY ANDREW SHEELER Cannabis companies may be deemed essential business in California during the coronavirus emergency, but when it comes to support, some in the […]

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Marijuana Enforcement Team eradicates over 14,000 growing cannabis plants

by LISA LIBRENJAK MIRANDA, Calif. — The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Enforcement Team eradicated over 14,000 growing cannabis plants and nearly 2,000 pounds of […]

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How much does it cost California cannabis growers to safety test?

Study finds high cost to disposing of rejected product Date: April 23, 2020 Source: University of California – Davis Summary: The high cost of testing […]

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Companies, groups, churches push for lower California cannabis taxes

A coalition of marijuana companies, churches and advocacy groups is asking California Gov. Gavin Newsom for a temporary cut in the state’s hefty MJ taxes. […]

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