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Avoid scams and deal locally. Beware of wiring (e.g. Western Union), cashier checks, money orders, shipping. Do not send anyone money ever.
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Big plants in 7-gal pots for sale, also 1-gal, small pots



It’s not too late to plant outdoors. Buy direct at our nursery for best selection, or for larger orders, we may be able to deliver to Santa Rosa.

• We have primarily Harborside genetics.
• For verified California medical patients only who join Magic Goat Collective.

Raised indoors under 600-1000 watts, now hardened-off outdoors, ready to plant or cut. (They were given gradually more sun each day for 5-7 days and have been outdoors for several days full-time.) Three- to five-months old, not cut heavily, bigger ones are at least 5′ tall, all are in 7-gallon pots. Suggested donation $200 each. Available plants:

1 Sour Diesel
1 The White
1 Lavender
1 Strawberry Cough
1 Grape Ape
2 Pineapple
3 Durban Cookies
2 Chem 4
3 XJ-13
2 Afgoo
2 Jillybean

We have other big plants in 7-gallon pots that are still indoors. Three- to five-months old, not cut heavily, most are at least 5′ tall, all are in 7-gallon pots. Suggested donation $200 each. In most cases we have two of each:

• Blue Dream
• Green Crack (Dream Queen)
• Blackberry Kush
• Alien OG
• Blueberry (sativa type)
• Blueberry Diesel
• Cherry Pie
• Girl Scout Cookies — the real deal
• Sour Diesel from DHN
• Fire OG

We also have TEENS:
TEENS in 1-gallon pots, average 2- to 3-feet tall. These are outdoor-ready, hardened off in our greenhouse, $60 each suggested donation. Perfect to fill that hole in your summer garden! Even up to early August, you can still get decent yields (2-3 pounds a plant) with these bigger teens. We have:

• 11 Pineapple
• 1 Headband

TEENS in 3 1/2″ square pots, well-rooted. These are under 600 watts indoors. $12 to $16 depending on size and varietal:

• Blue Dream
• Green Crack (Dream Queen)
• Blackberry Kush
• Blueberry, sativa type, not DJ Short’s
• Chem 4
• Durban Cookies, a big hit in the Santa Rosa area
• Fire OG
• Jillybean
• Lavender
• Pineapple, a big hit on the Mendo Coast
• Sour Diesel
• Super Lemon Haze (12 left)
• The White (5 left)

TO JOIN MAGIC GOAT COLLECTIVE, please contact us at:
707-964-3677 or 707-357-5577 (text)
We will reserve your plants if you’re coming from far away, as long as you keep in touch with us.

Magic Goat Collective is a small collective on the Mendocino coast near Fort Bragg. We have years of nursery experience between us and developed the original Snowcap. We also have years of growing experience in just about every method. After a break for a while, we are back!

We looked for the most popular nursery vendors, including Dark Heart Nursery (DHN), grew out the starts as mothers, culled the inferior strains, and we now have clones, teens and mothers to share with members..

Reasonable plant limits apply, depending on how many new members sign up with our collective. We must verify your patient status before making any verbal agreements on the phone. We will meet you nearby in person first before a nursery visit.

We understand the growers’ perspective and know what you’re looking for in a nursery start. We’re interested in partnering for long-term success. We don’t cut corners with our plants.

• Free of pests and disease

• Sustainable methods, nontoxic products

• Accurate labeling of plant varieties
• All transplants get mycorrhizal and compost tea treatments.

Minimum $100 donation to cover our expenses. Delivery in Santa Rosa will depend on getting a larger minimum order or several orders bundles.


You must be a legal resident of California with valid state-issued ID, 18 or older, and must be a legal medical marijuana patient as described in CA Health & Safety Code Sections 11362.5 & 11362.7, with a current recommendation from a licensed California physician in good standing.

We will verify your residency and patient status and request that you sign our collective agreement before you obtain plants or medicine from Magic Goat Collective. As a collective we operate, wherever possible, under the rules of California consumer cooperative corporations.

Please note that monetary compensation donated by collective members only serves to cover the cost of labor, materials, and any other direct expenses. Neither the Collective nor its members receive profits.

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near Fort Bragg, Mendocino County, or Santa Rosa, CA

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707-964-3677 (land line) or 707-357-5577 (cell)