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Info on rippers in union city.



i read an ad about 2 hispanic guys robbing someone yesturday. they tried to rob me aswell a couple weeks back. one guy is bald with red lips tattoo on his neck. and another bigger guy. lucky they didnt get anything but they tried to fight me and i pull out my heat they turned and ran away. they probaly didnt have bullets. when i was getting on the freeway they were too. i creep real far back and follwed them home. BINGO! bald guy is a rapper out of hayward called young krazy! anybody need more info let me know
his music video if you dnt belive me


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3 Responses to “Info on rippers in union city.”

  1. handbanana says:

    That song was lame as fuck. I doubt the music business is gonna work out for them. No wonder they’re out to jack people. I would be hella embarrassed to make a sausage-fest video with 25 grungy hoodlums, 2 ugly bag whores, riding in a bunch of whoopty-ass buckets in front of a roach-infested apartment complex. Fools look all happy like it’s the first of the month. Props to the 50 year old tweeker. He’s the OG they all worship, although he looks like he got ass-raped in the pen a few times.

  2. MedicalKush says:

    I can agree with that handbanna haha they are pathetic.. What a joke

  3. kaliprop215 says:

    WoW special ed rapers

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hayward/union city

05/24/2013 12:24 am

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